The Sheltering Sky

At Xtant’s textile event ‘FIBRA 2023’  in Spain, Chinar Farooqui, our founder presented ‘The Sheltering Sky’, an exhibition that explores the intersection of traditional and contemporary craft through textiles.

The exhibition delves into the ways in which we experience the vastness of our surroundings and the iconic nature of textiles. The concept is centered around the idea of the horizon as a convention that helps us orient ourselves in relation to the landscape. The exhibition draws inspiration from ritualistic textiles, such as the Canopy hung at Indian temples and the Buddhist prayer flags. Through these textiles, the exhibition explores the significance of textiles in both cultural and spiritual contexts. It pays homage to the traditional use of canopies in India, showcasing how textiles and architecture have always gone hand in hand in ancient times. This artwork serves as a
reminder of the rich cultural legacy of India.

It comprises of some of the Injiri’s Jamdani textile development, which has been designed over the last 10 years. These textiles are known for their fine craftsmanship and intricate designs, which reflect the geography and origin of the area they come from. The canopy is designed to let the light of the sky pass through, which creates a unique interplay of light and shadows, highlighting the beauty and intricacy of the Jamdani textiles.

“Sheltering Sky” reminds us that the legacy of tradition is an integral part of our cultural identity, and must be protected and celebrated for generations to come.