Injiri | Chinar Farooqui
Injiri is a clothing and home textiles line inspired and hand-crafted in India.
India, clothing, textiles, handwoven, handmade, traditional, craft, home
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Chinar Farooqui

Chinar Farooqui, designer and founder

Chinar Farooqui is the designer and founder of Injiri. Her passion lies in studying traditional textiles and dress and the stories behind them. She holds a bachelors in Fine Arts from MS University, Baroda and a masters in Textile Design from the National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad.

Chinar’s work is influenced by her childhood in Rajasthan. As a young girl she traveled to craft villages with her mother, who filled their home with handmade cloth, such as local indigo dyed fabrics. The clothing and dress of rural people in Rajasthan had a deep impact on Chinar’s appreciation and understanding of design. Today she is dedicated to creating products of high aesthetic value and design while working with the traditional craftspeople of India.

Chinar is based at her studio in Jaipur and travels often.

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