Injiri | Our Story
Injiri is a clothing and home textiles line inspired and hand-crafted in India.
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Our Story

our story

“Injiri” was the name given to the Madras checkered textiles that were exported to Africa in the 18th century. The name also means “real India” and is the namesake of our brand, which stands for the love of India’s textile traditions.

In prior centuries, making clothes and home textiles was a very slow process that allowed the artisan to make each piece at leisure. Woven material was a also a precious commodity used frugally. The hand-made quality of these fabrics was evident. Injiri aims to revisit this hand-made quality in as many ways as possible.


The inspiration for most of our work comes from the dress styles of rural India and other folk cultures from around the world. We recreate and adapt these traditional clothing styles for the contemporary consumer who seeks a similar aesthetic. Elements of textile design such as kor (borders) and kanni (selvedge) are used as important details on our garments to celebrate the process of hand-weaving. The processes of textile and dress making are reflected in our products and are their most significant design feature.

Each Injiri product passes through the hands of several karigars (craftspeople) from different parts of India before reaching the market, including spinners, rangrez (dyers), bunkars (weavers), darazis (tailors) and dastakars (finishing craftspeople). This is possible only because of living traditions of crafts in India and it is a privilege to work with craftspeople from around the country.