Injiri | Clothing
Injiri is a clothing and home textiles line inspired and hand-crafted in India.
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Injiri clothing is inspired by traditional garment designs of India. The country has a intriguing history of local costumes and dress which forms the foundation and basis of our design inspiration. Textile techniques from different parts of the country are explored to achieve textures and patterns that tells a story of the place they originate from – the story is finally told in form of a piece of “injiri”.

The Asmaani Collection is inspired by the blue walls of rural architecture in Rajasthan. “Asmaani” means blue sky in Hindi. The collection incorporates block printed and jamdani textiles. The block printed textiles are made in Jaipur in collaboration with craftspeople who specialize in Mughal style block printing. It is a small factory with a very small production capacity. The block designs are selected from their collection of vintage blocks and are similar to the designs used in classic Mughal miniature paintings. Thejamdani textiles are from West Bengal. Jamdani is a technique of hand-inlaying patterns into a textile during the weaving process. Hand-spun yarns are used in jamdani to achieve an airy, lightweight fabric that is suitable for layering.

The Kinari Collection celebrates the idea of using borders and cross borders of textiles as design details. “Kinari” means borders or sides of a fabric in Hindi. The main inspiration for our collection is the lungi, a men’s lower garment worn like a skirt throughout South and Southeast Asia. The checked patterns and colors in our collection are derived from the lungis worn in India. The blue color is a glass blue typical of blue pottery and ceramic tiles. Accents of color enhance the borders.